The Italian Serie A TIM 2019/20 free agents

January is quickly approaching and with it comes the winter transfer window. Contract renewals to extend a players tenure at a club; player sales to generate revenue and/or acquire a new player (youth or experienced); or potential zero parameter scenarios for players at the end of each season (as six months before the natural expiration of a contract, players are free to sign with other clubs) – this period of calcio is always very intense and essential to prepare for.

Taking a close look into the Italian Serie TIM, there are 64 players who, in January, will be in one of the three aforementioned scenarios; all players of the league whose contracts will expire on June 30th, 2019. A date circled in red by the clubs sporting director, as well as the players themselves, a new opportunity could be on the horizon for certain individuals. However, one question that remains unanswered is the number of players that will leave in the winter compared to waiting until the summer to make up their mind.

Below is the complete list of the 64 footballers, divided by club. There are only two clubs (Atalanta and Napoli) who have no players to worry about come June. The age gap will be from to 20 (1998) to 40 years of age (1979).

2019/20 Free Agents by Steven Moore
2019/20 Free Agents by Steven Moore

No players with contracts expiring on June 30, 2019.

Rodrigo Palacio, attacker, born in 1982.

Marco Sau, attacker, born in 1987;
Luca Cigarini, midfielder, born in 1986;
Marco Andreolli, defender, born in 1986 (renewal option linked to team and personal goals);
Darijo Srna, defender, born in 1982 (renewal option);
Daniele Dessena, midfielder, born in 1987;
Fabio Pisacane, defender, born in 1986;
Simone Padoin, midfielder, born in 1984;
Rafael, goalkeeper, born in 1982;

Stefano Sorrentino, goalkeeper, born in 1979 (renewal option);
Antonio Cinelli, midfielder, born in 1989;
Sergio Pellissier, attacker, born in 1979;
Bostjan Cesar, defender, born in 1982 (renewal option linked to remaining in the Serie A);
Nicolas Frey, defender, born in 1984;

Levan Mchedlidze, attacker, born in 1990 (renewal option);
Luca Bittante, defender, born in 1993;
Domenico Maietta, defender, born in 1982 (renewal option);
Matteo Brighi, midfielder, born in 1981;
Manuel Pasqual, defender, born in 1982.

Abdou Diakhate, mifielder, born in 1998;
Simone Minelli, attacker, born in 1997.

Danilo Soddimo, midfielder, born in 1987;
Paolo Sammarco, midifielder, born in 1983;
Cristian Molinaro, defender, born in 1983.

Goran Pandev, attacker, born in 1983;
Nicolas Spolli, defender, born in 1983;
Miguel Veloso, midfielder, born in 1986.

Andrea Ranocchia, defender, born in 1988;
Daniele Padelli, goalkeeper, born in 1985;
Tommaso Berni, goalkeeper, born in 1983.

Andrea Barzagli, defender, born in 1981.

Jordan Lukaku, defender, born in 1994 (renewal option);
Martin Caceres, defender, born in 1987 (renewal option);
Dusan Basta, defender, born in 1984;
Ravel Morrison, midfielder, born in 1993;
Brayan Perea, attacker, born in 1993;
Lorenzo Filippini, defender, born in 1995.

Andrea Bertolacci, midfielder, born in 1991;
Ignazio Abate, defender, born in 1986;
Cristian Zapata, defender, born in 1986;
Riccardo Montolivo, midfielder, born in 1985;
José Mauri, midfielder, born in 1996.

No players with contracts expiring on June 30, 2019.

Jonathan Biabiany, winger, born in 1988;
Simone Iacoponi, defender, born in 1987;
Bruno Alves, defender, born in 1981;
Emanuele Calaiò, attacker, born in 1982;
Pierluigi Frattali, goalkeeper, born in 1985;
Massimo Gobbi, defender, born in 1980;
Gianni Munari, midfielder, born in 1983.

Daniele De Rossi, midfielder, born in 1983.

Fabio Quagliarella, attacker, born in 1983;
Edgar Barreto, midfielder, born in 1984 (renewal option).

Alessandro Matri, attacker, born in 1984;
Gianluca Pegolo, goalkeeper, born in 1981.

Johan Djourou, defender, born in 1987 (automatic renewal option linked to remaining in the Serie A);
Sergio Floccari, attacker, born in 1981;
Jacopo Murano, attacker, born in 1991;
Giacomo Poluzzi, goalkeeper, born in 1988.

Salvador Ichazo, goalkeeper, born in 1992;
Emiliano Moretti, defender, born in 1981;
Antonio Rosati, goalkeeper, born in 1983.

Valon Behrami, midfielder, born in 1985 (renewal option);
Molla Wagué, defender, born in 1991;
Gaspar Iniguez, midfielder, born in 1994.


Many good players with experience, keep an eye out for who decides to sign who; there is plenty of talent to help a side succeed (either in the upper or bottom half of the table).

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