Lazio rank 5th in Serie A for average fans

S.S.Lazio Fans, Source-
S.S.Lazio Fans, Source-

Lazio are constantly on the look-out for more ways to fill the Stadio Olimpico. The famous Olympic stadium in Rome has a maximum capacity of 73,261 but rarely even meets half of that for Lazio home games. Despite this, Lazio have still ranked 5th in Serie A in terms of average home spectators, only bettered by AC Milan, Roma, Inter Milan, and Juventus.

In Lazio’s last five home games, the Biancocelesti have managed to achieve an average capacity of 31,190 – with 33454 present against Napoli, 31038 against Frosinone, 27100 against Genoa, 29360 against Fiorentina and 35000 against Inter.

The debate continues to draw on as to whether or not Lazio should pursue building a stadium of their own, to stop ground-sharing with city rivals Roma and to have a stadium custom built to suit the team and the club as a society.

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