Lazio vs Marseille finished 2-1 yesterday evening, with goals from Marco Parolo and Joaquin Correa booking the Biancocelesti’s place in the next stage of the tournament, knocking out Rudi Garcia’s Marseille side in the process. Marseille were beaten finalists in last year’s tournament so Lazio’s confident victories over the French side will bode well for Inzaghi’s team. Speaking to Sky Sport, after the game, Marco Parolo said:

It was our goal to pass the group now with Frankfurt we want to play for first place. We are happy. What did I like most? From Lazio we expect a lot, but we are going through that done in the past season. We have to be good at getting us to get what we want. There was the right wickedness, even on 2-1, in which I was wrong. We were closer to us at 3-1 than Marseille at break-even. I’m happy even for those who played little to date. After Inter I said it: we need to improve and take the last step to finally become a great team.

“I always try to get myself ready. When one goes on with age one must always take care of the best, every detail. I see the riders who win the Tour de France at 34. Even in football it should be like that, we’re not old.

Lazio last year in the final in place of Marseille? We pay those ten minutes against Salzburg, maybe it was destiny, the rose is full of quality, we can reach the final. It’s beautiful, we’re in. Tonight’s match was played well against a Marseille who wanted to win at all costs.

Then, to Lazio Style Channel, Parolo said:

We are happy to have obtained the qualification, now there is the match against Frankfurt we will try to get there well so we can win the first place, but it will not be easy. This team can do it, the important thing was to pass the round, now we have to concentrate on the championship. Sunday comes an important match against Sassuolo and we must score points, also because the championship is not waiting for us. Going for two years in a row the round with two races in advance means a lot, this means that this team has started a certain type of path and has in the DNA a certain standard, which is this: pass the turn of Europa League after four days and fight for the fourth place in the league, then we miss the last step. Things can not be found overnight, it takes time and patience. 

“Having such an already high base, however, is important. At this moment we are what we were last year. The past year they turned me around for not going further. In Salzburg, everyone criticized us but it was 10 crazy minutes, we had a good match with the right spirit in Austria. This team has the potential to get to the final. This is a beautiful and challenging competition and we want to get to the final. 

“Am I scoring this season? I made goals in my career, it was wrong when I did not, I’m happy with what I’m doing now. I’m happy for the insertion of new ones, it’s important. They work well during the week and deserve this space. This is a team that is spinning a lot and well these players come and give us a hand and allow us to take the field to win all the games. Today we managed the match well, we had more chances to make 3-1 than they were 2-2, the team responded well and I’m happy. We have to go on like this and close this mini-cycle with Sassuolo making a good match on a difficult pitch against a team that plays well. Lazio at the moment is that of last year, stronger I do not know, we’ll see at the end of the season.”

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