Lazio vs Marseille, Acerbi: “This was a very important result”

At the end of the victory against Marseille, Francesco Acerbi was interviewed by the Lazio Style Channel microphones to discuss the victory, progression to the Round of 32, and Lazio’s next match against Sassuolo – his former club.

“Marseille played a game on the last resort, as we knew. They had to win or they were out. But we were there, on the field. The 1-0 goal was good, even if in the first half we were not convincing. In the second half, however, we were even worse. We did not want to lose. At the triple whistle, it was almost a liberation. This spirit must accompany us even when certain games do not come. That of tonight is an important result, obtained with a strong opponent. We are many good players, all can be deployed in the league as in Europe, showing off. Now we are qualified and we can take everything more calmly. Against Sassuolo, we will make a last push before the stop”.

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