Lazio vs Marseille, Garcia: “This was a cruel and undeserved defeat”

At the end of the Matchday 4  clash of the UEFA Europa League featuring Lazio and Marseille, French manager Rudi Garcia analyzed the defeat to Sky Sport microphones.

“We lived up to the situation, we played very well. It’s amazing how Lazio found the advantage before the break – they did not deserve it. Lately, we have little luck, at the defensive level we have suffered little, we conceded a lucky goal. We could not score when we had the chance. In the first leg we did not live up to it, it was not a good match, but tonight the guys gave their best,  we were not lucky”.

“It is a cruel and undeserved defeat. The problem is having taken a goal in the first half after those 45 minutes playing without giving an opportunity. It is our fault, we have not managed the ball well. We allowed a goal from a ball that fell from the sky like snow, boh.”

“Congratulations to Strakosha who prevented us from scoring. We, in this period, suffer as soon as there is a ball in our area. We have to keep playing better. If we had played the other games like we did today, we would not have exited the competition today. Even the first leg against Lazio was different from the return. The goal was to qualify, but there were two other great teams in the group. Now the goal is to enter the Champions League from the championship.”

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