Spal value Lazio target Lazzari at €20m

Spal right-back Manuel Lazzari has been a target of Lazio for some time now. The Biancocelesti considered a move for the Italian during the summer yet ultimately chose to keep faith in Patric, Adam Marusic and Dusan Basta. Speaking to Radio CRC, Spal owner Simone Colombarini revealed more about Lazzari’s situation, as well as slapping a €20m price-tag on the right-back.

“How much is Lazzari worth? The same question was asked by another colleague and I said twenty million euros. Today he showed a little more even. The figures can be around those there. One thing I can say is that we want to keep him until at least June. A player like Lazzari is important and we want to save ourselves.

“I can say that he is a player who has been with us for six years. This year has grown exceptionally. Everyone had the doubt that Lazzari was a suitable player in the category that the SPAL every time he was preparing to face, instead he grew even more than us. What he is doing shows that he can play in teams that can fight for more important goals than ours. We have an excellent relationship with him. We always agreed with him and also with his attorney. We realize that Lazzari is showing something that is superior to that for which SPAL can fight. Vagnati at the moment has not told me anything yet.”

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