Joaquin Correa statistically amongst the top 5 dribblers in the Serie A

Joaquin Correa, Source- Official S.S.Lazio
Joaquin Correa, Source- Official S.S.Lazio

Joaquin Correa signed for Lazio from Sevilla in the summer and has quickly become a favourite of Laziale everywhere. The Argentine has showed a determination and flair that reminds many Lazio fans of Felipe Anderson; yet without the inconsistencies and off the pitch problems that led to the sale of the Brazilian forward to West Ham in the summer.

As has been reported by Opta, Correa actually ranks statistically within the top 5 dribblers in Serie A, coming in 5th with 24 successful dribbles in 381 minutes of game-time Рand impressive record given the leader is Juventus right-back Joao Cancelo, with 28 successful dribbles from 831 minutes of play-time, over double the minutes that Correa has played for Lazio.

Correa is showing all the right signs of a real star in the making and has almost made up for Luis Alberto’s underperformance this season, with Caicedo and the Argentine essentially shutting the Spaniard, who was vital to the team last season, out of the squad.

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