A heartfelt story from the Lazio ranks is the story of Simone Palombi, the former Primavera striker of the biancoceleste. After a 6-month tenure in the first team, experienced at the beginning of last year, and the subsequent loan to Salernitana in the Serie B,
Simone this year was immediately sent on loan back to the second tier of Italian football.

Over the summer, many enquired about the possibility of acquiring the Roman-born footballer, but it was not until Fabio Liverani came knocking, that a deal was struck. A former Laziale during his playing career, Liverani currently manages U.S. Lecce and had coached Palombi at Ternana on a previous loan spell in 2017. A strong believer in the young stars qualities, Palombi moved to Lecce and the results have been more than positive: seven goals scored in 11 matches, with performances that continue to be on the rise.
But he certainly does not want to stop here, declaring to Radiosei that his goal is to one day to return to Rome and dress again in the Biancoceelsti colors of Lazio, the team of his heart.

“Lazio is the team that cheers, like my family, but finding space in Rome is very complicated. Maybe one day I will succeed thanks to these experiences on loan. I am forged in the biancocelesti colors. The solution would be to move up the Serie A and repeat this loan. Lecce has the right of redemption, Lazio the counter-redemption. But it’s too early to talk about this, for, now everything is fine. I can’t afford to make a mistake. Mister Inzaghi and sporting director Tare tell me not to give up, they compliment me. I feel their support”.