Colantuono: ”André Anderson reminds me of Hernanes”

A promising young man discovered by Lazio who was transferred over this past summer to Salernitana on loan. André Anderson, the 1999 born Brazilian midfielder, has found space in the starting eleven in the last two games against Venezia and Spezia.

To the microphones of RMC Sport, the manager of La Granata, Stefano Colantuono, said this on the young talent: “André Anderson is a great talent, he will have a bright future. He must grow and must improve his technique and language, however. Igli Tare and Claudio Lotito spoke very highly about him and the summer training camp, it was confirmed to me. The midfielder reminds me of Hernanes very much; he resembles him in physicality and in his movements. Tare? Speaking about him is superfluous, the best judgments are the results and the place in the standings. He is one of the most enlightened directors in football”, concluded the technician.

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