Frongia: ”I’ve spoken with Lotito more than Pallotta about a new stadium”

Daniele Frongia, Source- Think Tank Trinità dei Monti

Daniele Frongia, Source- Think Tank Trinità dei Monti

There are many problems related to the construction of a new stadium. Roma is well aware of this and has seen its project fade away. Even Lazio hopes to one day be able to host their fans in an own Lazio stadium.

To the microphones of Radio Roma Capitale, Councilor for Sport, Daniele Frongia, gave some indications: “I was struck by a comment I received recently, in which I was accused of thinking only of Roma wanted a stadium. In reality, it is not like that. I’ve had more meetings with Lotito than with Pallotta, during which we have talked about the possibility of a stadium. I also called him about the Flaminio stadium, but it is not in the interests of Lazio. At the moment, no proposal has been received at the Campidoglio”.

Do you feel Lazio or Roma should be the ones to remain at the Stadio Olimpico; who would you like to see in a new stadium?

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