Angelo Peruzzi, Source- zimbio
Angelo Peruzzi, Source- Zimbio

Lazio club manager Angelo Peruzzi spoke to Lazio Style Radio 89.3 today, speaking about several topics – the hottest of these concerns, was his future, given the rumors that emerged yesterday stating that he would be leaving the biancocelesti.

“I am deeply sorry, I understand that I’ve never had a good relationship with the press and that I’m not a great communicator. I do not seem to have talked about any sort of goodbye, I do not know where talk about such an exit came from. I never told any journalist that I would stop with Lazio. I am in an annual contract for three years. I did this contract because I like doing things this way and the president respects this choice. At the end of the year, the decisions are made, also at the corporate level: if Peruzzi has done poorly during the year, Lazio sends him away, if he has done well he remains”.

On the training retreat – “There was no ‘bad mood’ for the withdrawal, it is natural that when one has to go to sleep he prefers to do it at home with his wife and children. We made this choice to compact ourselves and I received positive feedback for this decision from the group and the coach. Amongst other things, we are not even doing bad this season. In Rome, it is easy to become catastrophic. We are not in a black crisis as someone wants to believe, we are a team that has some high moments and some lows, like all the teams, Juventus included. The first half against Chievo – none of liked it. Yesterday, two training sessions were carried out and before we have seen all that we have done via video, including cup matches. There is a positive climate, everyone is working to compact as a team more. No one argues with someone else: the president does not argue with the coach, the club manager does not discuss with the sporting director. Then if anyone wants to ruin the moment, he’s free to do it, we certainly do not have this intention”.