Strakosha 6 –  Blameless on the goal at the start and left with not much to do afterward. Improving footwork but needs to find his men better off goal kicks and when the ball is played back to him.

Wallace 5 – Just 1′ into the match, he made a mispass in the opposing half, was unable to recover, and from a cross Atalanta scored. After that, he was in constant suffering from Duvan Zapata and he never managed to deal with the Colombian attacker as he should have. Whenever the player came to attack, the Brazilian continued to foul him over and over again, even when booked. Substituted in the 78′ for Felipe Caicedo.

Acerbi 6.5: Radu’s co-star of the initial mistake which led to the goal. After a poor play from Wallace, the ball was whipped in and Acerbi rose but was unable to head the ball away which led to Radu making a poor clearance and the eventual goal. He tried to save the shot to make up for the mistake (which he almost did) but the ball rolled underneath him. However, he grew as time want on, making up for his mistake. He closed the potential opposing diagonal passes in advance and glided elegantly and dominantly around the pitch dictating play. He had also found the equalizer at the end of the match with a brilliant header, however, after using VAR, they cancelled the goal for a matter of inches. He deserved the joy for his heart as a lion.

Radu 5.5: The whistle blew and he was clearly not ready. A horrible error from the usual Mr. Consistent after a cross from Gosens in the 1′. Yes, Wallace started the error and Acerbi mistimed his jump which led to Radu being called into action, but he totally fluffed his clearance, putting the ball right back into the path for Duvan Zapata to slide it home. With Lazio down right from the start, however, he was careful off corners risking an own goal. A necessary intervention.

Marusic 5.5: Atalanta took just a few seconds to break down his flank and counter. He tried to respond with runs to the opposition’s touchline and by putting in crosses, but he found no one in the box when he did so. Substituted in the 64′ for Jordan Lukaku.

Parolo 6: Commitment, desire, dedication, running, passes, and decisive interventions. He tried to give a dynamic to the biancoceleste midfield by accompanying the action, however, by “fault” of generosity, he was not always lucid with the ball at his feet.

Badelj 6: His replacement was purely tactical, with Inzaghi sending an extra offensive player to the field in the 64′ (Luis Alberto). He had not made many mistakes; he had recovered several balls and allowed pressure to be lifted that was mounting on Lazio.

Milinkovic 5.5: He continues to be given a chance time and time again, he just seems to not be able to find his good form. Great physicality, great challenges and headers, but from a production point of view, he continues to lack. His commitment is there but fans hope he starts to produce and fast.

Lulic 5.5: Starting on the left side, nd ending the match on the right. It is not the first time we have seen this switch this season. They are not asking him for exceptional dribbling, but certainly, some better balls could have been thrown into the 18-yard box without a doubt. Quality failed to reach quantity.

Correa 5.5: A few deep balls served to Immobile, a pair of flashes and vertical exchanges. Less incisive than usual, Inzaghi this time had given him confidence from the beginning of the match and kept him on for all 90′, but it did not seem to work out unfortunately as they could not break down Atalanta’s defense.

Immobile 5.5: He tried to escape the shoulders of Gasperini’s defenders, who were very good at marking. When he succeeded, Etrit Berisha repelled the close-range efforts. A complicated evening.

Inzaghi 5.5: Victory still does not arrive after seven matches; it is difficult to find the three points especially when you go down after just 1′ of play. The trip to Bergamo was complicated, but there is also misfortune of the goal that should have been, which would have given them at least one point.


64′ – Luis Alberto 6: A few inventions, the most beautiful in the recovery minutes at the end of the match which was frustrated by VAR. The cross for Acerbi had been perfect.

64′ – Lukaku 5.5: He was dangerous only once. For the rest of the match he made many wrong crosses and unnecessary fouls.

78′ – Caicedo NA.

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