Report: TV rights for Serie A TIM 2018-2021

By Arvid Larsson -
Serie A TIM 2018/19
Serie A TIM 2018/19
TV Rights

The Football and Finance portal (Calcio e Finanza) has published a projection of data for the three-year period from 2018 to 2021 regarding TV rights. According to this calculation, the value should be around €1.41 billion a year. From this total amount, €1.15 billion must be deducted, which will be divided between the 20 clubs of Serie A TIM: 50% will be distributed equally among the clubs, 20% will be allocated based on the number of fans, 15% based on the results of the last championship, 5% based on the history of the team, and 10% based on the last five years.

Serie A TIM

In regards to the current season, Calcio e Finanza puts Juventus in the first place with €85.3 million in revenues, Inter in second place at €83.7 million, Milan in third with €77.3 million, Napoli in fourth with €77.0 million, Roma in fifth with €71.4, and finally Lazio in sixth place with €68.3 million in revenues.

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