Claudio Lotito: ‘I don’t want to sell out; Champions League a goal’

Claudio Lotito, Source- AvellinoToday

Claudio Lotito, Source- AvellinoToday

Claudio Lotito, the president of Lazio, spoke to the microphones of the official Lazio channel yesterday to discuss the club’s 119th birthday – in which he spoke about the club’s history and the future as he looks ahead.

“Being president of Lazio means being responsible for a historical sporting heritage that must be preserved, increased and handed down. Merit, group spirit, respect for the rules are all fundamental values. All those who are professing Lazio must be architects and bearers of these values.

“I am the biggest Lazio fan, I have every interest in going to the Champions League. I think that a president, who has given up on very important proposals like this summer, for a commitment made with the coach, does not exist in the world. I did it so as not to weaken the team’s competitive potential and because I am a correct person who keeps my promises. My interest is not to sell out, then the games are lost or won. Lazio invoiced five times less than the first team in the league. I would like to remind you that Lazio, under my management, after Juventus, Inter and Milan, is the company that has won the most. In the Champions League we went only one year, unfortunately, last season we deserved to be there. There are imponderable factors that condition events and are not under our jurisdiction. I hope that this year, as Lazio is a team with great potential, can reach the goal. There have been great investments, even in the youth sector, because our intent is to increase the strength of the rose. The motto is the usual: “never give up”.”

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