As has been reported by, only a few minute details are missing from an agreement to send Lazio midfielder Alessandro Murgia on loan to Spal for the rest of the season. Lazio are faced with an overcrowded central midfield and have a number of options available to them this season; meaning Murgia has struggled to get the playing time he needs at his age.

CalcioMercato suggest that all is missing is the OK of Lazio boss Simone Inzaghi, with Murgia already giving his ‘yes’ to the deal. Murgia wants to move to Ferrara for the rest of the season and this is a deal which will benefit Spal, Lazio and Murgia himself.

The reports suggest that, after tonight’s game against Juventus, Inzaghi will give his OK to the deal and it will go through in the final few days of the January transfer window.

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