Lazio were defeated this past weekend – by a score of two goals to one – in the match against Juventus. The result left a bitter taste in the mouth of the Biancocelesti community especially given the terrific performance of the Capitoline cub, who achieved great success throughout the match against the best team in Italy. The Director of Communications and Spokesperson of Lazio, Arturo Diaconale, expressed his opinion on the match to the Lazio Style Channel microphones after the match.

“Yesterday, a draw would have been a good result for Juventus. Defeat for Lazio was unimaginable. It was one of the best league games Lazio have played and there is great bitterness for an undeserved defeat, also due to a large dose of bad luck. I gave my congratulations to Correa – he was the real Ronaldo in the match. The Argentine was much better than the Portuguese, like the rest of the Capitoline team. According to public opinion, we would have been scrambled by Juventus, instead, the opposite happened for 70 minutes. The draw arrived after a rather unfortunate episode and the goal of the Bianconeri’s advantage was achieved thanks to a penalty that in other circumstances would not have been booed and that could have been avoided. Switch the positions of the two clubs, a similar decision would hardly have been made. Often the psychological pressure in some circumstances plays to the detriment of Lazio”.

“As a fan and observer, I think yesterday’s Biancoceleste team can exceed expectations. I also liked Parolo’s experiment that he played in a role that is not usually his own: the player from Gallarate would also be good in goal. The team was well placed in the field and was animated by an important spirit; the commitment made last night bodes well for the near future.”

“In these past few weeks, there has been much discussion about the need for strengthening the team, but a team that expresses itself this way – what need does it have to buy if no equal players are currently available? Lazio is a top-level team. Cheering can manifest itself in many ways, but it was bizarre that on the day when such a kind performance was offered, banners appeared that showed no confidence in those boys who were giving everything on the field and that were dominating Juventus. If our players were not good, they would not have crushed the Bianconeri in their half of the field all match; this means that our squad is excellent and that these men are allowing us to fight again for fourth place. Pulling out such banners seemed to be a contradiction.”

“Nobody expected such positive performances from Bastos and Wallace; everyone thought they would be annihilated by Juventus’ offensive department. Unlike the initial predictions, the defense managed to stem the attack of Allegri thanks to a strong spirit: we have proven to be men – it is a very important result. If we put out the same charge as yesterday every match, Lazio can get to any result. Maintaining this level of aggression, attention, and concentration will not be easy, but we need to keep it up.”