Scudetto 1915: FIGC establish commission

Lazio Scudetto Champions of the 1914:15 Season? Source- Ultim'ora News

Lazio Scudetto Champions of the 1914:15 Season? Source- Ultim’ora News

The question concerning the Scudetto of 1915 – assigned to Genoa and now claimed by a Lazio initiative definitively becomes part of the agenda of the FIGC. During the session of the Federal Council that was held on Wednesday, in fact, the president of the Football Federation, Gabriele Gravina, would have requested the establishment of a commission that can analyze all the requests made by the various clubs regarding the titles awarded during the course of the 1900’s. Among these there is also the proposal of Lazio about the possibility of being assigned the title of 1915. The group of experts – composed of university professors and researchers – will proceed with a historical-scientific approach. According to the newspaper Il Tempo, it will be up to the vice president of the Fondazione Museo del calcio, Matteo Marani, to organize the work of the commission.

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