Malagò: “I hope that a project for Lazio’s stadium will come soon”

Giovanni Malagò, Source- FoggiaToday

Today, Mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi announced the initiation of work being done for Roma’s new stadium. The president of the Italian National Olympic Committee, Giovanni Malagò, commented on the announcement, also talking about the possible project of a new Lazio stadium.

“Roma’s Stadium? The words spoken by mayor Raggi is excellent news, we hope it’s the right time. I have always claimed to be in favor of a new stadium belonging to Roma, just as I hope that a project of a stadium for Lazio will soon come out, for many reasons. If today – after this long soap opera of building stadiums – the mayor officially announces the formation of the projects to start, it can only be the right time. Otherwise, it would be troubling. Let’s give her confidence.”

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