Lazio-Empoli, Inzaghi: “Romulo? He could start tomorrow”

With a busy calendar approaching, Simone Inzaghi must manage his Lazio wisely. Still participating in three fronts (Europa League, Coppa Italia, Serie A TIM), the Biancocelesti continue on with a match against Empoli tomorrow, after the victory against Frosinone earlier this week. Three points were achieved in this 1-0 victory at the Stadio Benito Stirpe against their regional rivals, but some physical trouble occurred – Simone Inzaghi hopes to be able to count on Luis Alberto and Immobile against Empoli: “These are two players that we still have to evaluate: at first glance there would seem to be no injury for either of them, for this there could be some hope – we will have to see how they will react to the next training sessions.”

Romulo? He is a player of quality and quantity: he has only had two training sessions with us and I also have to evaluate the condition of Marusic, tomorrow he can be a solution. Lulic? He gave me availability to play him against Frosinone. After the substitution of Caicedo and the movement of Luis Alberto behind Immobile, when the Spaniard got hurt I preferred to replace him with Lulic because it is a role he can play in, as already happened seen before. The boy has trained hard and tomorrow he can be seen in the game. Luiz Felipe? He had two partial training sessions, I hope I can call him for tomorrow’s match. Correa? Yesterday he participated in a partial training session with the group: there is great confidence to be able to use him from the start of the match. MilinkovicSavic? In the last two months, he has improved the team a lot with his performances. After the disqualification, he recovered a bit of energy, tomorrow he will play and will have to give us a big hand.

“What will be decisive for the Champions League? With 16 games left until the end of the season, it’s too early to look at the standings: it will be necessary to give great continuity of results on the field. Concerning the fictitious calendar, we are aware: but we did not know about this problem of playing on Thursday. We would have liked to play between Saturday and Sunday like the others but I am sure we will do well tomorrow. What do I expect from Empoli? They are a fast and sparkling team with players who push a lot on the wings – they will come and play their game.”

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