Simone Inzaghi sets record as most successful Lazio coach on the road

Simone Inzaghi is a record-breaking Lazio manager. Last season, the Biancocelesti coach broke the team records for most goals scored in a season; as well as keeping up with the big boys despite spending a mere fraction of what the club’s Serie A rivals spend.

Now, Inzaghi has broken a new record. The Italian coach has 28 wins in 53 away games; a large number of over a 50% win record on the road – a number that no other Lazio coach has beaten. Below Inzaghi there are Reja and Zoff; with 25 wins a piece. Eriksson managed to secure 23 away victories whilst Delio Rossi won 22.

Inzaghi is a record-breaker and one who we wish will stay at the club and go on to break many, many more records.

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