Ravel Morrison: Englishman claims Lazio treated him ‘poorly’

Ravel Morrison had an anonymous spell at Lazio before he recently joined Swedish club Östersund SK. In an interview with The Times, the English player has now spoke about the bad treatment he received at Lazio.

“It just felt like everyone in Lazio was just there for their own sake. I played a little the first year. The second year was a joke. We had cup matches where players who were 37-38 years old were taken to play before me. If you are there and don’t play it is a very lonely place. It was hard. In one stage my mother was very ill and they didn’t let me fly home or if I did so I had to be back the next day. I would have understood if I played, but I wasn’t even close to the team. It annoyed me. I felt like giving up”.

NOTE: For us that have followed Morrison’s time at Lazio, we might have trouble understanding this view. Ravel actually frequently went back to England and other places for various reasons while he was a Lazio player. He even got nicknamed “Travel Morrison.”

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