Canigiani: “We have sold around 20,000 tickets for the match against Milan…”

Lazio face off against AC Milan on Tuesday as Coppa Italia returns to the Stadio Olimpico for the first leg of the semi-finals. Speaking ahead of the match, Lazio marketing manager Marco Canigiani said the following:

As for Lazio-Milan, we are approaching the threshold of 20,000 tickets sold, but it is too early to make predictions before the weekend. Prices are the standard ones. BusInsieme is growing more and more, allowing us to make further investments to increase the number of collection points, perhaps outside the stadium and further in the province. For the derby I do not have a precise estimate in Curva Nord and in Distinti for those interested in checking the availability, because sometimes these sectors are given for exhausted but some place is there: you always have to ask to check in the receivers.”

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