Canigiani: “At least 30 thousand Biancocelesti fans present for the derby…”

Four days away from the Derby della Capitale between Lazio and Roma, updates have arrived from the ticket office. The manager of marketing for the Biancocelesti, Marco Canigiani, spoke to the Lazio Style Radio microphones to take stock of the situation.

Based on the tickets sold so far, we can say that in total, there will be at least 30 thousand Biancocelesti fans present for the derby. In the Curva and in the Distinti, availability is limited, but I still invite the fans to give it a try. There are still several days to purchase the tickets, today about 50 thousand total spectators are expected at the Olimpico. We still have no news about the time of the match. It is obvious that the closer the day of the match is, the more unlikely it is to believe that the timetable can be changed. I think it’s the best time for a Saturday at 8.30pm. Recall that the BusInsieme service has also been activated for the derby.

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