Following a 3-0 victory in the Derby della Capitale against Roma, Lazio manager Simone Inzaghi spoke in the post-match press conference. With these three points, Lazio takes their point total to 41 and inch closer to a Champions League place. A terrific performance, this match will be one that Laziali will remember for quite some time…

Everyone was very good today; we played a terrific match on a tactical level – it was one of intensity and of heart.

On Tuesday we had given so much against Milan and in three and a half days we had to prepare for Lazio vs Roma. We all know how much this win is worth for this city and we wanted to give great satisfaction to the fans who have always been with us. The group is the secret of every team and I am fortunate enough to have great professionals.

Immobile? Yesterday he was not 100% and I knew that Caicedo would help us. I thanked the players, I hope I always have all of them available – if this was the case, I don’t think we would have exited the Europa League.

Correa? When the club told me about him I was very happy. He is an extraordinary boy who always makes himself available. Tonight, he was decisive on the first two goals and in my opinion can always do more.

I think we have to watch these last two performance against Milan and Roma. We were good at having so much lucidity throughout the matches. All of us are very happy. It is right to enjoy such an important victory – from Tuesday we will think of Fiorentina.

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