Fiorentina vs Lazio, Immobile: “We should have closed the match earlier…”

Against Fiorentina, Ciro Immobile scored in the 23′ to give Lazio the advantage. However, this was not enough as Luis Muriel equalized in the 61′, leaving the two sides both losing two valuable points. Ciro commented on the 1-1 draw against La Viola to the Lazio Style Channel microphones.

“They scored on their first opportunity and this is football. We could have closed the match earlier to handle the result. Now we’re behind in the standings, but we are optimistic.

We have strong players who can lend a hand and replace me against Parma, we must give everything and win.

We need to stay focused and play like we did tonight, correcting some minor things and with a bit of luck we can do so much damaage.

The post? It did a ‘paratona’, but what can you do… I am especially sorry for the occasion because I should have done better. However,  we cannot concede a goal on the first attck of the opposite team, we had a bit of bad luck.

My child coming? It is always a different emotion, he is male and everything will be different. We are happy even if we are still outnumbered, two little boys against three girls. We haven’t decided on the name yet, we are thinking about it and the girls want to have their say.

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