Lazio invite mayor Raggi to presentation of ”Stadio delle Aquile”

Stadio delle Aquile, Source- LazioChannel

Virginia Raggi, the mayor of Rome, was recently interviewed about Lazio’s potential new stadium. Virginia stated that she would welcome a proposal from the Biancocelesti but that the club had refused to take up the option of renovating the Stadio Flaminio.

Lazio, who know that this is a lie, responded with a public announcement by which they declared that Claudio Lotito and Lazio had already presented plans for ‘Stadio delle Aquile’ (Eagle’s Nest) back in 2005. Now, Lazio have actually invited Raggi to come to the Formello in one month’s time for the ceremony to display the renovated parts of Formello with new football pitches and structures. At this event, they will also present the new plans for Lazio’s ‘Stadio delle Aquile’.

Raggi is also said to have refused a Lazio kit sent by the club to her son in the past; the question is, can she really refuse Lazio’s invitation this time around?

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