Luiz Felipe explains his rejection of the Azzurri: “Brazil is my dream…”

After being called by Luigi Di Biagio to represent the Italian Under 21 National Team, Lazio’s Luiz Felipe politely declined the offer. To express himself and make things clear, he made a post on Instagram.

I thank the Italian Football Federation for the attention it has given me in the last period, but after a long reflection that was necessary for such a delicate choice, despite being flattered to be able to wear the prestigious shirt of the Italian national team, I have decided to compete with the Seleçao. A heartfelt thanks goes to the coach Luigi Di Biagio, who, with patience and sensitivity supported me in such a complicated moment in my career. Football is above all a question of heart and feeling and I am sure that my choice will be understood…

This statement was once again reiterated to the microphones of

Being called by the Italian national team is something unique in a player’s career. I have always been treated well here. My wife and my son were born here and I thank the Italian Football Federation for thinking about relying on me. The reason I did not accept this call was because I want to continue to pursue the dream I have since I was a child, to wear the green and gold shirt. I will continue to work and improve day by day, to make this dream come true.

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