Report: Liverpool’s Adekanye very close to signing for Lazio

Liverpool’s Bobby Adekanye, who had been rumoured to have signed with Lazio around January, is now said to be very close to joining the Biancocelesti in Rome. The 1999 born striker has a contract expiring this upcoming summer and because of this, sporting director Igli Tare decided to strike early; he is said to have entered into negotiations with the player’s agent at the beginning of the season.

This is said to have not sat well with the Premier League side, which is potentially why nothing has been reported on since January about this case. However, according to what has been reported in the latest edition of Corriere dello Sport, official confirmations are now expected shortly.

With the duration of his contract yet to be defined, the website have stated that a three-four year contract with a salary that should be around 500 thousand euros per season. The Reds striker supposedly also received an offer from an English club, but come June 30th, he seems to have decided to re-launch his career with Lazio.

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