Giorgio Magnocavallo, Source- Eco di Bergamo

Former Lazio midfielder Giorgio Magnocavallo spoke to Lazio Style Radio 89.3 about the situation linked to the Biancocelesti and the fight that sees the Roman club vying for a place in the Champions League.

The Biancocelesti play good football and are achieving excellent results, the victory against Parma was a real show of force.

Lazio is a team that can fight for a final position between third and sixth place; they are having a good campaign according to their current position and general expectations.

Joaquin Correa is a player able to make a difference in attack, football is characterized by individual moments and situations.

Inzaghi’s attacking team is very strong, if they can keep high standards, they can go very far. Excluding the first two in the league, the others are all competing – each has the same potential to reach third or fourth spot.

The Biancocelesti offer a greater guarantee than the others, they are more linear. I see some teams fluctuating too much compared to Inzaghi’s side…