Claudio Lotito: I want to bring Salernitana into Serie A…”

With Salernitana in a poor run of form, losing their last three matches, owner Claudio Lotito spoke with Telecore about the Granata in the run-up to their important upcoming match with Venezia this weekend.

On the Mary Rosy training center.

We invested in Salerno and want to make it 360 ° competitive, I came to Salerno to see the progress of the work at Mary Rosy. You don’t have to believe in the urban legends that are put around artfully: do you think we spent 5 million a year and built a brand-new structure to stay alive in Serie B? Look at the Mary Rosy: we have created the press room, the gym, three football fields, and a gym, it will be a perfect course like Arechi. The costs of the turf fall on us, it seems to me that it is kept in the best way.

On Salernitana’s upcoming summer market:

It must be remembered that a president can invest, but the players go on the pitch. We had the best goalkeeper in (Serie) B, players like Anderson and Di Gennaro, someone like Jallow who we spent so much money on. I would like to maintain a solid base; the players want to come to Salerno because they know that we are a company that puts them in a position to work in the best way. Someone suffers pressure, goes away on a free transfer and we lose out. It happened with Donnarumma, Vitale and with the previous coach.

On Davide Di Gennaro’s summer.

With Di Gennaro, we satisfied Colantuono. I had sold him to another club, he wanted him in Salerno, and I took him off the market. The coach took a step back. He left with enthusiasm, then left. Not everyone has my character, I slide all over myself. Others suffer from it and take other paths. Some think I’m a masochist.

On their potential Serie A promotion.

Three championships won in a row we were well used, unfortunately, we will take more time than expected but we will make it. I would like to dispel any doubt: we can easily go to Serie A, at which point I will have to make a choice while waiting for the rule to change. I will fight to the end to give certainty to this club to combine economic strength and sporting results, I know that the square has great passion, and no one reproaches or offends. If I fell in love with Salernitana it is because I find Granata fans around Italy, there is a sense of belonging that is not found in many parts and that represents an added value. Could I ever invest in a square that I don’t respect? We need the public, it is our strength. I am convinced that I want to go on and persevere because the sporting result does not depend on me or my brother-in-law. I want to bring Salernitana into Serie A, this year too we had set up a level squad, but we won’t be playing in the field. If they think they are intimidating us by asking us to go wrong, our path will continue and aims at the Serie A without a doubt. You will see that we will prove it to you.

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