Inzaghi: “Other teams are built better but we are in great form”

Lazio take on Inter tomorrow, with Lazio head coach Simone Inzaghi speaking at his press conference ahead of the game. Speaking ahead of the clash, Inzaghi said:

“The match will be very important for the classification and for the performance. We come from an excellent moment, we have nine other games to play but it will be very important tomorrow. Certainly we will need one of the best Lazio performances, we must give consistency to the last performances: in the Coppa Italia we did well, but we must not forget the bad game of the first leg, there was a break but tomorrow we will have to play a great game against a great team in a big stadium.

“We have five teams in front of Lazio, they were built to achieve great goals: we played on par, we had some problems in the direct matches but now it’s better. The others teams, perhaps, on paper are better built.”

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