Stadio delle Aquile: Details About Lazio’s New Stadium

After almost 15 years of silence surrounding Lazio’s Stadio delle Aquile project, new information about the stadium was released in April 2019.

Set to have a new look with respect to the original design dated in 2005 – due to laws on stadiums that were launched in 2014 – the stadium will be a cutting-edge facility from a technological point of view, with fans being able to access and move freely throughout the entirety of the structure. Regarding the means of transport to get to the Stadio delle Aquile, Lotito would likely have to restore the train tracks which were replaced by the high-speed line. Their recommencement should not be too expensive but it would be solely the responsibility of the Lazio President to pay for it.

It is important to note that the major problem regarding Lotito’s proposal has always been linked to the land and location of where the new stadium should be built. This is because the fields by the Via Tiberina are subject to hydrogeological constraint; if the Tiber River overflows, it will flood the fields. As a result, Lotito’s intention is to insert compensation tanks under the land where the facility should be built, allowing the project to be built in accordance with the law.

While the updated plans of the Stadio delle Aquile were supposed to be presented by Club President Claudio Lotito at the Formello Sports Centre in June 2019 (in the presence of the press and the Mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi), this did not occur; to this day, the club is yet to release a statement as to why the presentation did not transpire.

The reason for the club wanting to present the plans at Formello was to illustrate all of the redevelopment that has been and will continue to be taking place at the Biancocelesti facility. A primary part of this includes the substantial investment into the Bob Lovati Academy, which will be built next to the Mirko Fersini training grounds.

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