Claudio Lotito, Source- Getty
Claudio Lotito, Source- Getty Images

According to reports, Lazio President Claudio Lotito is working on major redevelopments for all aspects of the club. These updates and changes are said to be initiating with infrastructure, before moving onto the Biancocelesti managerial sphere.

Firstly, the Formello training grounds will be renovated and expanded; in a few months time, the inauguration of the recently added fields, dressing rooms, gymnasiums, and offices will occur. Next, a new Lazio Style store near the Piazza di Spagna will be opened – a store finally made available in the center of Rome. In relation to the addition of new structures, there are hopes that the creation of a Lazio clinic – in the current position of the land bordering the parking lot of the Mirko Fersini training grounds – will be able to take place. The President is also thinking about the construction of a hotel in the old Cirio headquarters on Via Augusto Valenziani (which was formerly purchased by Lotito).

In addition to the constructions, the President is also taking a look at his staff according to Radiosei. This is the reason why we have seen him entrust the former head of Criminalpol, Nicolò D’Angelo with the role of ‘Security Manager’ at the club. However, D’Angelo will not be the only new face to join the club’s upper floors: Lotito has not leaked anything specific about it, but there are said to be a lot of changes set to occur this summer.