It’s not been a lucky season for Davide Di Gennaro. The Lazio midfielder has only made 9 appearances in total for Salernitana so far this season, in addition to many months spent away from the pitch.  That’s why SPAL came forward in January, eager to take him to Ferrara, but in the end, there was no conclusion to the negotiations. According to the latest rumors, the Emilian team is still interested in the former Cagliari man and in the summer it’s likely that they will try again to make a deal for Di Gennaro. For Lazio, they are still searching for a right-footed player, and the name of Manuel Lazzari is what remains in the front thoughts of Igli Tare. The Biancocelesti Director of Sports is taking advantage of the good relationship with the SPAL management as seen with Murgia, and so it’s likely a swap deal could take place which sees Di Gennaro move to SPAL, and Lazzari the other way, along with some financial compensation. If that’s not enough, Lazio could also propose the natural replacement of Lazzari, Djavan Anderson, who’s also currently on loan to Salernitana. Despite the fierce competition, Lazio hasn’t given up on Lazzari, and now it seems Di Gennaro can help with the success of the negotiations.