Alessandro Murgia: “Lazio deserves the UEFA Champions League…”

Alessandro Murgia, Source- Instagram

Alessandro Murgia, Source- Instagram

Joining SPAL in January from Lazio, Alessandro Murgia cannot forget Lazio; it is the club that he is currently under contract with and that he has born up growing to love. This is why the Roman midfielder, who was interviewed after the victory against Empoli this past weekend, has stated his disappointment for the Biancocelesti’s defeat to Chievo.

If I will call my companions to joke around with them a bit? No, because you know very well that I am a Lazio fan and as soon as I heard the result I was disappointed. I believe that the coach, players, club, and fans deserve this qualification to the UEFA Champions League.

This objective is one that has become very distant and difficult to achieve…

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