Sampdoria vs Lazio, Inzaghi: “Let’s not give up an inch”

By Luke Forestieri -
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Lazio won at Marassi against Sampdoria not without suffering. However, the two goals from Felipe Caicedo in the first half were enough for the Biancocelesti to make an important leap forward in the championship. Here is the press conference of Simone Inzaghi following the match

Important victory but too much suffering …

We came from a Wednesday game where we had expended a lot. From the possible 3-0 we conceded the 2-1 to Sampdoria, even if Quagliarella’s position was doubtful.  We also risked conceding the equalizer, it would have been a joke. We were very keen on this game, we are happy with the result. 

What happened in the second half? 

We had to close it and we couldn’t do it. A goal would have closed the game but it didn’t happen. These are like finals, we watch game after game, we will give everything. 

What does this victory mean, do you still believe in the Champions League goal? 

Absolutely. There are twelve points, there is time and space for everything. We know what our situation is in the standings but we don’t want to give up an inch. Let’s look ahead, with Atalanta it will be another important game. 

A comment on Caicedo? 

He deserves everything, I’m very happy for him. Many have changed their minds. Felipe was remembered for the wrong reasons but I was always clear. I wanted him in my squad and I said it this summer too. I am glad that he is carving out personal satisfactions. 


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