Bancu speaks: “Lazio is a big club. Offers? Ask Craiova”

Nicusor Bancu, source: Newsbeezer

Nicusor Bancu, source: Newsbeezer

Lazio are looking for an alternative to Lulic in the left midfield position, with one of their target’s being 26-year-old Craiova captain Nicusor Bancu. The investment into Durmisi hasn’t paid off, and Lukaku has been missing amongst the starters since his failed transfer to Newcastle in the Winter transfer window. Bancu was exclusively interviewed by Lalaziosiamonoi, here are his words:

“Lazio? Ask the club. I don’t know anything about this offer. I can’t talk about something that I’m not sure about. Lazio is a big club, well-known here in Romania. Radu plays there, they have an important history.”

The 26-year-old Romanian seems ready for the rise in his career, being a very versatile player who can play in multiple different positions, as pointed out by Gheorghe Craioveanu, a former player for Villareal and Getafe, as well as the current president of Bancu’s club Universitatea Craiova. Here are his words to Telekom sport about the player:

“The club is asking for €3m for Bancu, but he’s worth more. PSV were interested last year. I think that for a player like Bancu, who can play both as a left midfielder and a full-back, you can earn even more.”


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