Canigiani, Coppa Italia final: “There are 100 ticket offices in the region…”

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Marco Canigiani, Marketing Manager of SS Lazio, spoke to Lazio Style Radio for clarifications regarding the sale of tickets for the Coppa Italia final. Here are his words, with which he encourages purchasing tickets at the nearest offices, without clogging the Lazio Style Official Store:“It is essential that fans try to exploit the entire ticket sales network. There are more than 100 ticket shops throughout the region, plus those with the “Millenovecento” card where they can buy tickets online, from the comfort of their home. So I tell the fans to check the list of sellers on the official website of Lazio and not just go to the Lazio Style Official Store, otherwise there will be congestion on the site. There is a great demand concentrated in a few days. Lazio can be calm, with some preemption the tickets will be there, so look for the nearest office to avoid incurring easily avoidable issues. We try to distribute the request with greater standards”.


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