Canigiani: “Curva Nord full for the Coppa Italia final, 12,000 tickets sold”

Marco Canigiani, source: L’Angolo dei Laziali

Marco Canigiani, Marketing Manager for Lazio, spoke to Lazio Style Radio 89.3 about the tickets for the Coppa Italia final and Lazio’s meeting with Atalanta in the championship beforehand. Here are his words, starting with the Coppa Italia final:

“As far as the final is concerned, the Curva Nord is full, there is still some availability in the Distinti and a lot of availability in the Tevere. A total of 20,000 tickets have been sold, including Atalanta, 12,000 for Lazio alone. Starting from the 2nd May, the sale of the Priority Passes will start, and those who have one will be able to go to the 3 Lazio Styles and pick up their tickets. Remember that anyone who buys the ticket online must print the placeholder.”

On Lazio’s meeting with Atalanta in the championship:

For the Serie A game between Lazio and Atalanta, about 4500 tickets have been sold at the moment. The prices are 14 euros for the Curva and Distinti, there are promotions for Under 16 year olds in the stands and Under 14’s enter free in Monte Mario, Tevere and Distinti South East, to access this promotion the adult must first buy a full ticket and then request the coupon gift for the Under 14-year-old. Thanks to these promotions, now the stands at the Olimpico have started to fill, especially in the Distinti South East, which begins to fill more and more, as well as the Tevere. Excluding gifts, however, this year the figures are very positive compared to the past, we are probably the team that has the largest increase in audience, compared to last year.”




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