Onofri: “Caicedo is incredible, Inzaghi is doing a great job…”

Felipe Caicedo, Source- Official S.S.Lazio
Felipe Caicedo, Source- Official S.S.Lazio

Claudio Onofri, a former footballer and coach, spoke to Lazio Style Radio 89.3 microphones about Simone Inzaghi’s Lazio. Here are his words concerning the UEFA Champions League and Felipe Caicedo.

“It’s an exciting season of the Serie A, there are five teams within three points of each other for the fourth spot. Then even clubs like Chievo do their best without scoring goals, no one gives you anything. Those who are fighting for something until the end no longer have to make mistakes, but it is difficult because nothing is taken for granted. Lazio vs Atalanta will be a challenge between the two teams that, when they play well, they are the ones that I enjoy the most”.

“The first year when I commented on him, he seemed slow and cumbersome – he was not a goalscorer. This year, however, despite his size he moves with a lightness in his lateral movements, in dribbling, and in the supports to his teammates. Things that were unthinkable last season. Inzaghi wanted his confirmation and stay, and certainly, in training, he must have noticed his qualities, which he had almost never expressed in game time. The Biancoceleste technician did well to keep him, now Caicedo is an extra card in the Lazio attack. Together with Correa, who has an overflowing speed technique, are very complimentary as an offensive couple”.

“Overall, Inzaghi is doing a great job, Lazio is growing from year to year.”