Claudio Ranieri, the current manager of Roma, has made some serious allegations towards Lazio, recalling the match played by the Biancocelesti against Inter in 2010. To express his opinion on these comments, was former Laziale Stefano Mauri to Radiosei.

I’m not interested in the words of Claudio Ranieri on Lazio – Inter in 2010. Now I wonder what will happen after these statements, I guess it ends with nothing. If it ended like this it means that an employee can shoot at anyone. I think they are misplaced and serious statements and that there should be a Federal Prosecutor who will evaluate how to proceed. Among other things, the match against Atalanta has nothing to do with that of 2010. Lazio have many teams in front of them right now,  but they still have hopes of making it to the Champions League. Inzaghi’s team must think of themselves and win all the remaing matches.