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On Lazio Style Radio 89.3 Antonio Di Gennaro was interviewed: Italian champion with Verona in 1985, today the former footballer is a well-known television commentator. Here are his words about Lazio’s Coppa Italia final, with a thought regarding Italian football in Europe: “Going to Europe is fundamental, and the opportunity of the Coppa Italia is too good: winning a trophy is important and it lets you enter directly into the Europa League. However, there is also the championship. Milinkovic and Radu’s health could be decisive for the final. Lazio will have to study the league match against Atalanta, even if in the Coppa Italia it will be a different match. Playing at home, in front of 60,000 people can be an advantage. The biancocelesti have more experience, even if Gasperini’s team plays carefree. Even if they (Atalanta) don’t win, they could get into the Champions League, they won’t bet everything on the Cup. Atalanta has grown year after year, now they have a strong staff with many national team players.

ON ITALIAN FOOTBALL“The two Champions League finalists arrived there with merit, but both were coming out of the group stage against Inter and Napoli. English football has grown a lot in these years also thanks to European coaches, including the Italians, who have given teams tactics and balance. So the English and the Spanish have something more than the Italians, but we’re not adrift. We need to change our mentality and we are gradually getting there, we Italians are not so scarce. Perhaps we are too exasperated by tactics, in England and Spain even if you lose the important thing is to play well: here that’s not the case, however, the national team of Mancini is proposing a beautiful style of football and going towards that sense”.


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