Wilson: “Inzaghi sacked? Not if he wins the Coppa Italia…”

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Pino Wilson, Source- TuttoMercatoWeb.com

Lazio’s bittersweet season finale has given rise to some rumors regarding Simone Inzaghi’s job security at the Biancoceleste bench. At the microphones of tuttomercatoweb.com was the former captain of Lazio Pino Wilson, who commented on the affair in this way: At this moment we talk a lot about the managers. Conte seemed to have already signed with Roma but then it was not so. It’s time for the manager carousel but it’s premature to talk about it or think of Inzaghi elsewhere. Simone can win a trophy and secure Europe. At the end of the day, Lazio has lost games due to own their own faults and I don’t think that much can be attributed to the coach. A team that wants to go into the Champions League cannot draw at home with Chievo and Sassuolo. I don’t feel like it’s fair to blame the manager, on the contrary. The fact that he is discussed along with other prestigious managers is a recognition of his work. In any case, if he wins the Coppa Italia or enters the Europa League I have no fear of losing Inzaghi “.


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