The faceoff between Atalanta and Lazio was between two teams that really understand each other’s strengths and styles. Each of the two sides hoped to rank first on Coppa Italia’s list of top teams for the season, however, Simone Inzaghi’s side came out on top. The Nerazzurri and Biancocelesti planned to optimize individual qualities in order to emerge the winner rather than concentrating on the qualities of the opposing team. This review aims to scrutinize the strengths and feebleness that each of the teams displayed at the much anticipated Coppa Italia final in the Coppa Italia.

Formations and Starting Lineups

The teams were certainly expected to put their best starting eleven forward in order to have even a remote chance of winning the title; there were not a lot of changes suspected to be made.

Both Gian Piero Gasperini and Simone Inzaghi had made attempts to force opponents to mess with their own styles in the past and they did so again in this match.

Gasperini adopted the 3-4-1-2/3-4-2-1 line up to form a strong attack; Inzaghi chose to stick with the 3-5-2 lineup.  

Having used the aforementioned line up a total of 33 times in the season, Gasperini’s team expected to remain consistent. What was on everyone’s mind, however, was who would start on the left wing. It was unlikely that the managers would have their players in the exact same positions they played in the Serie A match on May 5th. But Timothy Castagne had been the highest scorer this season from the midfield and he consequently found himself in a very favorable position as he started. 

Lazio had deployed their usual starting lineup eighteen times thus far and they had not been seen to deviate from the formation. However, a few changes were inevitable as they went into the finals. They had already had Radu banned for four matches for his altercation with a referee when they were playing against Inter Milan. His ban had since been halved. So therefore, it was probable that he could have returned to replace Bastos or Luiz Felipe.

Lazio Has a Strong Attack

Lazio has a strong attack with fourteen goals and five assists under their belt this season. Ciro Immobile had been in perfect form and his teammate have increasingly relied on him. Working in tandem with Felipe Caicedo, the two have formed a formidable team. While Caicedo has not scored as many goals as Immobile and has had fewer assists, he has contributed to the team’s strong finish in the second half of the season.

Atalanta’s Left is to be Reckoned with

Atalanta kept Lazio on their toes with their strong left side. Lazio had to watch their right closely as well however, or they would have found themselves overwhelmed. Atalanta won 1-0 by launching their attacks from the left side of the pitch in the first match of the season against Le Aquile.

Lazio’s Counter             

Inzaghi ensured that his wing backs sat deeper and attacked cautiously. Lazio’s defense was rigid from the beginning and the team looked confident at all times. This strategy limited the influence of their opponent’s wide players.

Atalanta’s Vulnerable Defense

Atalanta may have worked on their attack at the expense of their defense. The team concedes the best xG shots when the opposing team comes in too fast. This works just great for Lazio who are at their best when the ball is in motion.


These two teams were evenly matched, with each bringing excellent skills as well as some weaknesses to the table. While Lazio defeated Atalanta, both sides are of top quality and were a pleasure to watch this season. More information is available at rebranding for Steroidsfax about the Coppa Italia final.