Luis Alberto: “My future at Lazio? We’ll see in July…”

Luis Alberto, Source- Official S.S.Lazio
Luis Alberto, Source- Official S.S.Lazio

Following the Coppa Italia victory over Atalanta, Luis Alberto spoke to Radio Onda Cero and As Tv.

This was a hard year for me and my family, especially when the results did not arrive. When things were going good, I was a phenomenon, when things didn’t, I was told I should leave. I’m not a fan of that, it’s not good. This bothers everyone on the team, not just myself, because people do not understand how much we suffer in this continuous pressure. Now I’m very happy and I want to enjoy this victory.

My future? I’ll go celebrate with my teammates for the next few days before our match this weekend, and then we’ll see in July. I will celebrate with my wife, my two children, my parents and my friends who are here at the stadium with me.

In the end, they couldn’t miss a joke about Sevilla, the club where he started playing football. Even the Spaniards have had many problems but Luis hopes that the Liga finale will give some joy.

I follow Sevilla, it is the team of my heart and of my whole family. They had a difficult season, I hope they go to the Champions League even if there is a small chances.