Nesta Anonymous – Nicolò Armini

Nicolò Armini, the new Lazio hope Source: Instagram

Since Alessandro Nesta had to leave Lazio for Milan due to financial problems in Sergio Cragnotti’s days, laziali has grieved and longed for their lost son.

We want, we need a new hope. A new Alessandro Skywalker.

At late many Lazio fans have dreamt of Milan’s Alessio Romagnoli, that after the transfer from Roma confessed his blue and white heart to the world. But he remains a distant high-priced dream.

Many young players have picked up the ”next Alessandro Nesta” shoes since then, but have never really put their feet on Olimpico. Even one like Alessandro Tuia was, despite his name, not even cloee reach the expectations from the Lazio faithfuls.

Last Monday night we saw a glimpse of another hope since young centre back Nicolò Armini, born 2001, came on to substitute Luiz Felipe against Bologna.

Armini has played in every age level in the Lazio youth sector. He and his family is Lazio through and through.

His great idol is of course Alessandro Nesta and he has played with the shirt number 31 and the text AN 13 and NA 31 on his boots. Last November he was awarded for best young defender born in 2001.

Nicolò and his younger brother Yuri also got to celebrate together after the Bologna game with the Coppa Italia trophy. Yuri also got to finish his week pretty well after beating Cristian Totti’s Roma in the Under 14 Final with Tommaso Rocchi’s Lazio youth team.

Nicolò is a versatile defender, able to play on all positions at the back. During the season he has been a bit injured, but is in fact the captain of the Lazio primavera team. His young age also makes it possible for him to play on and grow for another season with the primavera.

But the question is if Nicolò is already about to make his step up the ladder to the senior team for next season. Rumour has it that he might get another chance by Simone Inzaghi to show his potential in the last Serie A game for the season against Torino.

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