1915 Scudetto: New Proof Sent to FIGC

Lazio Scudetto Champions of the 1914:15 Season? Source- Ultim'ora News

Lazio Scudetto Champions of the 1914:15 Season? Source- Ultim’ora News

The group led by lawyer Gian Luca Mignogna regarding Lazio’s claims for the 1914/15 Scudetto have found more proof in supporting their thesis.

“Lazio would also have played the 1915 final, but in May of that year, young people from all over Italy were called to arms and the title was awarded to Genoa.”

This is an excerpt from the 1988 “The Great Football” Encyclopedia, which supports the Biancocelesti’s claim that Lazio has the right to be assigned to the 1914/15 Scudetto, together with Genoa. Mignogna also announced that he had deposited this historical document to FIGC, in addition to the already substantial documents of the federal file. The lawyer has now asked for:

“The quick formalization from the historic Commission that was announced in the margins of the Federal Council on 30 January 2019″. 

In short, it is only expected that the FIGC approves the request of the Organizing Committee, as there is no longer any reason to postpone the investigation of the title claims for Lazio.


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