Lazio looking at Petagna as Wesley alternative: the details

By Apollo Heyes -
Andrea Petagna, source: La Gazzetta dello Sport
Andrea Petagna, source: La Gazzetta dello Sport

Andrea Petagna is a name that has long been linked to Lazio, but he has never managed to convince the Biancocelesti – until now. The 23-year-old Italian has been starting in Serie A for the last three seasons, but this season has been his breakout one, scoring 17 goals in all competitions for SPAL. Igli Tare is now looking at Petagna to flank or provide depth for Immobile, with Felipe Caicedo’s renewal looking unlikely. Tare’s first choice, Wesley Moraes, is in a difficult position as Lazio’s offer is still far from Bruges’ requests, putting the transaction in doubt. Therefore, the Biancocelesti Director of Sports may sign Petagna instead of Bruges’ Wesley.

As reported in the Raidosei press review, last summer SPAL paid €3m for the loan of the Trieste born striker, and now they would be ready to purchase him for another €12m. However, it’s also possible that Petagna may be put on the market due to his increased value following an impressive season. His price would be no less than €15m, but Lazio could use their good relations with the management of Gli Spallini to negotiate a better deal. The other business at stake between the two clubs (namely concerning Fares, Lazzari and Murgia) could also help to facilitate dialogue for Petagna. For now it is only the beginning, but it could also be the end of Lazio’s quest for Wesley and the start of something new for the Biancocelesti – understandable following the promises made to Inzaghi by Tare and Lotitio following the coach’s contract negotiations recently.




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