Edy Reja: “I advised Tare to stay at Lazio”

Edy Reja, Source- ForzAzzurri.net
Edy Reja, Source- ForzAzzurri.net

Igli Tare was the object of Milan’s desire, but in the end he chose to stay at Lazio. He has decided to continue his adventure with the Biancocelesti, an adventure that has so far lasted more than 10 years. One of those who have worked with the Director of Sports for a long time is Edy Reja, former Lazio coach and current coach of Albania. These are his words to vipsport.al:

“I know Tare well, our relationship has been going on for a long time. He worked very well with me, we planned the market together during my 4-year period at Lazio. He’s a very loyal man and he helped me when I had big problems in the locker room. He’s doing an incredible job with the Biancocelesti, every year he finds great players and I don’t understand how he does it. Lotito must be grateful of him, even if Tare does it because he has passion and great skills.

“He had the opportunity to leave Lazio, but I advised him the opposite: ‘Wherever would you go, stay in Rome where you know the environment’. These things must be planned in advance. We spoke a few days ago, he called me even before the match against Moldova and told me we would win 2-0. He was a good prophet.”

In fact, on Tuesday Reja’s first victory at the helm of the Eagles arrived, beating Moldova 2-0 as predicted by Tare.