Christian Manfredini, source:
Christian Manfredini, source:

Former Lazio midfielder Christian Manfredini spoke to today on his thoughts of Lotito’s and Lazio’s ambitions, and their chase for the clubs third scudetto. Here are his words:

The market is about to start. Which departments do you think Lazio should be stronger in?

“I think we should always start with the defence. First you start from there, then you think about the attack. Who gives in and who doesn’t? I don’t want to name names, those are evaluations that the team makes, but it’s a department that must be reinforced for sure. Coach and managers already know who is more functional to the project and who is less, but I repeat, if I had to say a department where to act immediately I would tell you the defence. The attack has not gone badly this year. I’m sorry for Caicedo who did well, but he seems destined to go away. If Igli, however (he talks about Tare) chose this Wesley, it means that he has the right potential for the Biancocelesti”.

Lotito has established a Scudetto goal for Inzaghi. Do you think it’s the right ambition for Lazio?

“Absolutely. It’s right to be ambitious. Why not aim for it? It’s right to put in all the possible prizes: Championship, Coppa Italia, Supercoppa, Europa League. The only one not to put up is salvation (laughs). Obviously Lazio is not one of the most accredited teams for a scudetto. Surely the main objective will be the Champions League. Lazio touched it two years ago, this year it went a little further. I would say that the Scudetto for Lazio would be the Champions League qualification. However, the qualification will only be achievable if everyone will perform at their best. If there are drops like this season it will be even more difficult.

What is the minimum bid that Biancocelesti will have to consider if Milinkovic-Savic is to be sold?

“Lotito can say whatever he wants. Does he think Milinkovic-Savic is worth 100 million euros? It’s only right that he makes it known then. It must be said that this figure could have been accurate last year. The midfielder had played great and you could have pushed his value more. Now I don’t think a team will come and give him that money. In my opinion, the Serb can now be acquired through a sum between 50 and 60 million plus any technical compensation.”